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Our Story

Peace Family, we are the Founders of Solid Settingz, Ms. Te'Amorah Jordan ( Red Blazer ) and Ms. Samiyah Tillman ( Gold Blazer ). We grew up in Plainfield NJ. Started off as good friends and soon created a bond so strong which led us to becoming partners of Solid Settingz. Our good spirits and passion for fashion became one in 2017 when our worlds became to co exist. We would sometime host small gatherings/events/parties separately for the community to be able to come together and enjoy. It was when we curated our first fashion show together that our vision took off from there! The business has grown today to be not only a business but a Brand, a safe place for individuals to feel free in SOLIDtude.

Our annual event " The Frequency " is a market place where talent is showcased and various of vendors can sell their product to the community and have a great time, a more unique version of what an "Pop Up Shop " is. Some other events that we have curated, just to name, fashion shows, educational workshops that promotes healing, therapy and headwrap tutorials for our sisters and brothers whose interest is to learn how the protect and wrap their crowns. Showcases, Art and Brunches and much more. True Queen like energy, our essence radiates through our work, making all your troubles go away when you are indulged in our atmosphere. Living in the moment. From our enjoyable events to our beautiful, bright and vibrant headwraps and garments.

Might we add, Head wrapping is our specialty, you can check out the shop page to purchase the headwraps we have to offer, which is 100% authentic African Ankara cloth straight from Nigeria. The accessories that we offer are a perfect compliment to the empress style. We also take our spirituality serious, it's a healing component that plays a big part in our lifestyle and our branding. The street apparel that we offer is a universal touch that allows our brand a broad leverage to be able to reach the community as an whole. Everyone has their own thing that they like to express. Allowing the creatives to be creative in the way that makes them comfortable. We believe that our diversity  creates our brand and keeps it strong. Our open mindedness play a huge part as well. Forever Solid Settingz, because the Setting sometime will change, things shift but the whole purpose is to remain SOLID !

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